Wealth Management Service Overview

Wealth Management is a concept that is used widely in the financial services industry and is not well defined. FWM's total wealth management service integrates all areas of personal finance to provide clients with the ability to make informed, comprehensive, and timely actions to maximize their wealth building as well as protect the wealth they have accumulated. The FWM wealth management process incorporates the following areas into one comprehensive solution:

  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning
  • Asset, Cash Flow and Retirement Planning
  • Estate and Gift Planning
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Investment Consulting

As part of our commitment to client service, we meet with all our clients at a minimum of once per quarter. These meetings will cover investment performance, implementation updates to the financial and estate plans, income tax projections and planning, discussion about the macro economic environment, updates on the legal and regulatory environment, and a review of the clients personal situation since the last meeting.

All clients in this service are provided with a personal webpage that displays their financial plan with daily updated account values as well as a vault to store personal documents such as wills and deeds. This secured webpage is provided to better keep the client informed as well as facilitation of meetings from remote places that often keep physical meetings from happening. Clients also have access to all custody records and statements online as well.

This service is intended to be comprehensive, service oriented, and unique. Technology acts as an additional facilitator but FWM believes that the personal touch that has guided business professionals for over a hundred years is still the most vital part of this service. Our advisors have multiple credentials and diverse backgrounds to ensure superior delivery of this service. Our advisors also provide this service with objectivity. No fees are collected for our service outside of the annual service fee. We do not receive any brokerage commissions and/or any other ancillary revenue from the financial decisions that we assist you with.

Financial/Tax Planning Overview

For those clients whose needs are better served on a smaller/one time scale, FWM provides Financial and Tax Planning Services. The implementation assistance and ongoing monitoring would not be at the same level as the wealth management service but can provide clients with excellent direction to change their financial lives for the better.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning services include the following:

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Investment Portfolio Reviews
  • Investment Advisor/Fiduciary Reviews
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Estate and Gift Planning
  • Insurance Planning / Risk Management Reviews
  • Eldercare Planning
  • Divorce Planning
  • Job Change Analysis
  • Life Event Planning
  • Employee Benefits Review

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Our tax professional’s help clients develop plans that can stand the test of time and remain effective in light of changing legislation.

Our array of income tax planning and preparation services include:

Revising debt structure to optimize the portion of interest expense eligible for current income tax deductions.Evaluating investment transactions to determine the optimum tax strategy for capital gain/loss recognition.Timely preparation of your federal, state and local tax returns.

Investment Management Service Overview

Fleming Wealth Management's investment advisors serve as trusted counsellors to individuals seeking advice on personal financial planning and wealth preservation. Our investment adviser’s help clients make effective and rational investment decisions based on informed choices that are most likely to achieve investment goals particular to an individual’s financial situation.

Our advisors work to develop comprehensive investment plans which include sophisticated asset allocation analysis and the evaluation of mutual fund and money manager performance. Our financial advisers develop custom plans to ensure that investment strategies are implemented in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with established personal and/or fiduciary objectives.

We approach investment management as an ongoing process, and we will work with you to create a personal investment plan to help meet your financial goals. Using individual goals as a guide, we will review your investment portfolio, looking first at how assets have been allocated among broad categories.

Our array of investment advisory services includes:

Designing an investment policy that balances long term needs and risk tolerance.Helping implement an appropriate asset allocation strategy.Assisting in the selection of mutual funds and separate account managers focused on after-tax results, and, in some cases, obtaining reduced investment minimums and management fees.Assessing the ongoing portfolio performance and helping determine any necessary adjustments in the investment policy.

Our process of helping individuals manage their investment decisions is designed to help them meet their financial goals. As advisers, we don’t sell investment products or receive commissions; you can be assured that the advice you receive is completely independent.

We follow a well-defined, time-proven process to increase the probability that you will meet your financial objectives. We integrate tax planning, risk management, and investment strategy and implementation into a strategic investment plan that reflects financial goals and risk tolerances.